The Workout Move That’ll Challenge Your Entire Body


Chest pressures are probably an important part of your gym routine. They are perfectly respectable for strength, but they are not dynamic, as your body weight is fully stable and is supported by a bench.

Now, do the same move on a foam roller and it becomes a very challenging, total physical move. “Foam roller chest press is an anti-rotational workout. It is a type that forces your muscle muscles to fire,” says Joel Sidman, a neuromuscular physiologist and athletic performance specialist in Atlanta.

Anti-rotation exercises are great for players (boxers, golfers, tennis players) who gain strength through basic rotation. This kind of power is useful if you are easily taking down a cast iron pan from a high shelf. In this move, when you’re pushing with the right arm, your left leg muscles are acting like crazy to prevent you from hitting the floor.

As a bonus, since the lower body acts as anchor, the small muscles in the hips and ankles are very involved. When you first start, choose a weight that you normally use for chest press, half the weight, working up to 75% of your normal lift. (The movement is very slow, so the ability to build muscle in your chest is the same.)

Since you are already on the floor, finally make a total physical foam roll. You will need it.

How to do it?

1. Lie on the foam roller so that it is wider than the spine, hip hips, feet below the knees, and hip width apart.

2. Apply a kettlebell or dumbbell to a friend’s place in the right hand. Move the left hand to balance, and press the weight while maintaining the hip position, then return to start for a rep. Each correspondent should double you compared to the traditional press.

8. Start with sets of 4 reps, work up to 8 reps. Complete all the delegates from the right, then switch to the left. Rest for 2 minutes between sets.

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