This Animal Flow Workout Will Get You Stronger Without Any Weights


Don’t let the strange name stop you: Animal Flow offers unique benefits that you won’t find in traditional strength training. “It basically takes you back to the basics,” says Patrick Frost, a master trainer at Nike. The trick of overcoming this discipline is creating constant stress throughout your body. Frost says, “There are parts that require grace and some that require grace. Is.”

->“You can exercise several times at once and it depends on how you attack it.” While mimicking the movement patterns of a crab or a monkey, animal flow exercises will challenge your strength, endurance, balance and mobility at the same time. As time goes on, you will develop better professionalism and move forward with more intent, making your workout more efficient and effective. Will, and will make you feel like a super hunter.


Warm up, then do 3 cycles of each exercise after the rest of the exercises and exercises. These movements require a lot of wrist extension and endurance to maintain proper posture, so take breaks as needed at the beginning. Include this exercise in your program 1-2 times a week and gradually 3-4-. Create a bar. You can use some of these programs in your program as warm ups or even finishers.

Expert Tip: Stress

Although these exercises should be fluent, create constant resistance by digging palms into the ground and exaggerating, spreading tension through your limbs.


Dedicate 5 minutes to moving the wrist: Ride on each square and flip your wrists,
Then lean back or back, then work through these exercises for 40 seconds
Each one will prepare your joints for the main flow of animals. Take 2 turns.

Crab access in turn
Reach the Altered Crab (A) James Woodley Men’s Magazine

Warmp 1. Reach the cake alternately

Start in the crab position, with the hips of the legs apart, the hips shaking 1 inch off the ground, and the back arm, fingers pointing away from the body. Turn the right arm toward the midline so that the hand is 6 to 8 inches from the face (A).

Transformation crab access transition phase
Alternative Crab Reaching Stage (B) James Woodley Men’s Magazine

Run through the heels and move the hips up to the three-point stretch bridge (B).

The final stage of crab transplantation
The last step to reach the crab alternately (C) James Woodley Men’s Magazine

Extend your arm upwards and towards the opposite hand, keeping a gentle bend in the elbow, keep your eyes on the static hand (C). Lower, switching sides with each representative.

The animal wave wave phase begins
Animal Wave Stage (A) James Woodley Men’s Magazine

Warmp 2. Take down the animal wave

Start in an animal-filled position on all fours, pushing the hips back towards the heels when you reach the front of the arms (A).

The animal wave transition phase
The animal wave transition phase James Woodley Men’s Magazine

Hips moving towards the ceiling Once the knees are fully extended, tuck the chin into the chest and slowly roll up your spine, emphasizing the curve in your back (C). When the shoulders cross the wrist, come to the dog with the upper face.

The animal wave transition phase
Animal Wave Transition Phase (D) James Woodley Men’s Magazine

Open your chest, pull your chin to the ceiling, and squeeze (D). Reverse the wave and repeat.

The beginning of reaching the scorpion
Alternate Scorpion Reaching Stage (A) James Woodley Men’s Magazine

Warmp 3. Reaching the scorpion in turn

Start in the loaded beast position (A)

Alternate Scorpion Reaching Stage (B)
Alternate Scorpion Reaching Stage (B) James Woodley Men’s Magazine

Run on the balls of the legs to bring the left knee of the body towards the right wrist, keeping a slight bend in the right knee (B).

The last step to reach the alternative scorpion (C)
The last step to reach the alternative scorpion (C) James Woodley Men’s Magazine

When you move your left leg back, move toward the arms (C), bending the knees and opening your hips, pressing the shin toward the ceiling. Before returning to the starting position, bring the left knee back across the body, then repeat on the opposite side.

Deep Monkey Status (A)
Deep Monkey Status (A) James Woodley Men’s Magazine

Exercise 1: From deep monkey to side kick

Start in a deep squat, with the hip width apart or wider at the feet, with the legs slightly protruding, and between the knees with the arms, flat back and proud chest (A).

From deep monkeys to side kicks
Deep Monkey Side Kick Transfer (B) James Woodley Men’s Magazine

When you place your right hand on the ground (B), move the weight forward and kick the right foot pointing to the foot and pull the left elbow back to remove the palm (C).

By side kick (C)
By side kick (C) James Woodley Men’s Magazine

Return to the deep monkey position, then change sides. Work 40 seconds on, 20 off.

Crab position (A)
Crab position (A) James Woodley Men’s Magazine

Exercise 2. Shrimp to understand taps

Start in the crab position (A), then drive with your right foot and left hand to push your body (B) to each square.

Crebe to Undersearch Tapes
Understand the transfer of pipes from the crab (B and C) James Woodley Men’s Magazine

As soon as your limbs hit the ground (C), immediately move your speed to the starting position (D).

(D) The last position to understand the transfer of the last taps from the crab
The last position of the taps (D) to understand the crab James Woodley Men’s Magazine

Change aspects on each representative. Work 30 seconds on, 15 off.

Starting position of Traveling Beast (A)
Starting position of Traveling Beast (A) James Woodley Men’s Magazine

Exercise 3. Traveling with animals

Start in the animal position, with hands straight below the shoulders, and knees above the hips, and shave 1 inch off the ground. Engage your core, keep your trunk level low and low, then move your right hand and left foot forward, taking a small step forward while resisting rotation through your hips (A).

Traveling Animals (B)
Traveling Animals (B) James Woodley Men’s Magazine

On the next representative, move the left hand and right foot, making sure they get up and down at the same time. (B) Work 30 seconds on, 15 off.

Loaded animal
The starting position of the loaded animal (A) James Woodley Men’s Magazine

Exercise 4. From the loaded animal to the front stage

Start in the position (A) of the loaded beast, then explode on the balls of your feet
(B) and move forward with control.

From transition (B) to the front stage
From transition (B) to the front stage James Woodley Men’s Magazine

Drive your left leg firmly, pointing toes, as your right arm takes a “guard” position at your midline, with the elbow bent in front of the face (C).

Final position (b
Final position (b James Woodley Men’s Magazine

To start, flip the motion motion to return, changing sides with each rep. 20 seconds on, 10 off.

Finisher Flu

Animals To do Left leg underwear To do Reaching the right wing crab To do Jumping left leg underswitch To do Kick by right foot To do The full scorpion on the right foot To do Left leg underwear To do Animals. Repeat on the opposite side. Work on 30 seconds, 60 seconds. Repeat 3 times.

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