This Bent-over Row Variation Protects Your Back and Packs on Muscle


The turning line is an incomplete exercise. Certainly, it helps to strengthen the upper body. But the position is tilted beneath the hips, looking dumbbells or barbell ot easy to detect. Round the spine or release the chest, and there can be a lot of pressure on the lower back. If the weight is too high, the torso can bounce, build momentum, and steal some muscle growth potential. This hybrid move fixes them – and then some.

It starts with a bird’s dog. Which is a classic for glute activation and trunk control. With your hands and knees, keep one arm forward and the opposite leg behind. For the heavy dog ​​row, do the same thing but this time on a flat bench, hold the heavy dumbbells in the upper hand. “By adding them to the queue, you’ve got a great anti-rotation component.” Compels

Choose a weight that is 70 to 80% of your normal dumbbell row. Get into the bird-dog position, rest the weight on the bench under the chest. Chin tank, flatten back, engage in cover, squeeze glutes, then slowly pull the rib cage along the elbow. Each set is intended for three or four sets of six to eight reps. Delegate all to one side, then switch sides.

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