This Is Mark Wahlberg’s Best-Kept Training Secret


Mark Wahlberg’s latest obsession is F45 Training, with 267 in the US and 1,045 worldwide. Every studio runs the same exercise, so any day you can sweat with Wahlberg. “We focus on functional-based moments, such as hip hinges, squats, overhead movements, things that people accomplish in their daily lives,” says Corey George, director of athletics at F45 Training. There are three revolving categories in the class. They alternate between cardio and resistance from Sunday to Friday and hybridize on Saturdays. George says, “We pride ourselves on never doing the same exercise twice. Like any new group fitness class, the first time can be a little jarring. A little bit of what you can expect. Here is a preview.

Respect the Blue Turf

At the beginning of the class, you will all gather on the bright blue path while two instructors are on the rubber floor to explain and demo what you are doing during the 45-minute class. Everyone exercises together, and noobies usually pair as usual. Easily follow the television screens that hang in all the studios, and listen to the bang that tells you it’s time to roam the stations.

Keep it

Normally the timing error varies. Strength exercises have a longer period of rest, while cardio cardio takes short breaks to maintain heart rate.

Can behave

If you are the only one who despises the top five, this is not the exercise for you. F45 is all about getting involved, so everyone is encouraged to feel welcome and put to work.

Want to take a closer look at how the trans-transformed Wahlberg found incredible biceps for such films? Fighting, And stay in shape when it’s not in the heavy duty training protocol? Check out Mark Wahlberg’s Best Training Advice and Exercise.

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