This Old-school Training Technique Will Blow Up Your Chest


Closing with inline presses and flies is very common after barrel bench presses. Hell, you’ve probably been doing this since high school. It doesn’t just get bored after a while – it can also completely freeze your progress. This is the exercise of NYC-based personal trainer Mike Barringer. This is then commonly known as the “pre-exhaustion” method. It’s been around forever, and it’s still being talked about today because it’s just so effective.

When you are hitting the bench, have you ever tired of your triceps before you felt your chest pump? Well, it can stop the amount of muscle stimulation in your chest. The best way to avoid this? Exhale your chest with high flies of bees already. The idea is to adjust the primary forearm (in this case, your chest) before your triceps and shoulders become involved. Although you may not be as strong in your other lifts, you will be sure that you are killing every fiber there.


1. Complete a set of cable crossovers (upper, middle and lower) x 25, 20, 15

* This is a pre-exit

2. Sale 3 sets x 20, 15, 12

3. Dips 3 sets x 20, 15, 12

4. Physical Dumbbell Press 3 Set X 12, 10, 8

5. Inclined Dumbbell Press 3 Set X 12, 10, 8


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