Tips to Get Your Best Chest—and What to Avoid


We are in the era of high-tech fitness, yet most of the boys’ chest training is stuck in the stone age. To help you modernize your workout, we have pulled together three principles that you should follow.

Three Principles of Building Your Chest

1. Do compound exercises
Choose a flat and inclined press over the flies and cable crossovers. They allow you to lift heavier weights, thus exercising more muscle tension (and that means maximal growth).

2. Use progressive resistance
Do two or three sets of one or two exercises for the chest, and increase the weight you use or the number of reps you perform per exercise.

3. Improve your shoulder stability
The safest and strongest way to bench is to pull your shoulder blades together and down. Balance all your pressing tasks with rows, chainsaws, and cable faces to improve the ability of shoulder straps.

Top three chest training errors

1. Doing a lot of exercises
Don’t try to get a “complimentary chest” before blowing yourself a PC deck. This will not happen. Instead, stick to the essential tricks: dumbbell bench press, barbell bench press, dip, and pushup.

2. Lifting too much weight
For the most stable progress, add the smallest amount you can to each session (in most jams, this means two 2.5-pound plates, making five total extra pounds).

3. Defective bench press form
Always tuck your elbows near your sides at the descent and repeatedly touch the bottom of your sternum (this technique is great for long-sleeved boys).

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