Tommy Wiseau Reveals His Unique Chest Workout for ‘The Room’


This weekend, James Franco was critically acclaimed (and a potential Oscar contender). Disaster artist Opens in wide release. Based on a nomenclature of Greg Cicero and Tom Basil, Disaster artist The documentary to make it, the worst movie of all time, RoomGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

If you have seen RoomYou know, star Tommy Wiseau has been shown shirtless in more than a few scenes on sex. At a screening in 2012, when asked how he achieved his amazing job, Weissau had a Ahmad, Interesting demonstration. Here’s the video:٪3Frel٪3D0

If this is not true of your pecs exercise style, then try your hand at our deep chest exercises, our favorite gymnastics chest exercises, and the 10 best chest exercises for newborns.

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