Train Like the Special Forces With Sam Heughan's ‘SAS: Red Notice’ Workout


During the first production phase SAS: Red NoticeSam Hagan needed to contact Andy McNab, a former Special Air Service operative who is the author of the film’s source material and the inspiration for Hagan’s character, Tom Buckingham. The actor wanted to discuss the psychology behind some important scenes before traveling to Budapest.

“I called him and that’s what the Royal Marines were doing in Wales,” Hagen said. Men’s Journal. Despite retiring from the military after 17 years of service, the highly decorated McNabe has been an active member of this community, and writing the best-selling war thriller, Red notice. “The boy is climbing mountains with a full pack, doing exercises, and at the same time guiding us to the script. I was impressed.”

The conversation influenced Hagen’s special training for the film, which included weapons work and crocodiles. It was more than just a regular workout with John Wellbonsi, a long-time trainer for a daily athlete. We talked to the Scottish gentleman about spending time with McCabe, studying tactics, and his SAS-inspired exercises.

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Men’s Journal: What made you a star in this project?

Sam Hagen: First of all, I think we all like a good action movie and it comes with a great character study. It also gave me the opportunity to work with Andy. I found it surprisingly interesting, especially the fact that he ranks himself as a ‘good psychopath’. “I enjoy spending time with them on the phone and in person. The first time we chatted was when I first signed up, and he went to Scotland for dinner with me. I learned about Andy’s time working undercover in Africa and Ireland – he struggled during his capture or torture in Iraq. He was stationed on many missions behind enemy lines. A good amount of dialogue and even some of the situations that occur in the film that are drawn directly from his life. In the movie, we hear Sophie (Hannah John-Kamin) [who plays my girlfriend] When their cat died, Tom kept the cat in the freezer before going on vacation. Andy actually did it.

What elements of McNab’s personality did you include in Tom Buckingham’s character?

I wanted to pepper the movie with a hint that Tom might be a little different and one of them is that he can’t read emotions. Andy shared something with me. Psychopaths do not blink much. They can be very attractive because they are forced to put a lot of effort into learning to be social compared to this natural ability.

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Did Andy share with you anything else that helped with this project?

I was able to meet with him in Leeds, where we contacted one of his local police. We were allowed to observe some of the tactics they work on, and how they operate under the influence of drugs. I learned a lot from Andy as well as weapons training – learning to clean compounds and buildings on my own. I felt it was important for a weapon to move naturally somewhere. The thing that stuck with me was that, despite the bizarre activity, everyone in the service or SAS is always in control. They are in these extreme pressures, sometimes fatal, and their voices may be loud, but it is never out of excitement. This is to ensure that orders are obeyed.

Do you have any special combat training?

I received combat training with Etienne Ferreira, a Crow Maga School in Cape Town, South Africa. I learned a lot from working with him, and he actually trains people working on the NYPD and Swat teams, not to mention the Israeli Special Forces, so he was perfect. The way he trains with these soldiers is focused on being useful, and it’s physically tough. Everything they do is under pressure and pressure. We would exercise until we failed, then move quickly to weapons work. You hit the point where you can’t go any further, then they put a gun in your hand so that you can take measures to keep your heart beating all the time. I was also doing a special program with my trainer John in which filming started.

Coach for this project How did you adapt your training with Coach John Wellbonsi?

I just finished filming Blood shot Before I start this movie, at least give me a little bit of muscle. Going into it though, I wanted Tom Buckingham to be a little bent. If you look at a lot of SAS boys, they are not very big. They’re incredibly fit, and amazingly capable, but that doesn’t mean they’re everywhere. They will have to be able to cover long distances while hiking, while carrying a lot of weight. So we adapted our training accordingly. My goal was to trim a little, and our gym work was changed to achieve such results. The exercises we focused on were more about raw strength and endurance than traditional weightlifting. To mimic some of the physical challenges in the military, we included heavyweight cardio, such as weightlifting and weightlifting.

The majority of this movie is on a train, but what were your favorite filming locations?

I love going out into the world and this movie was another opportunity to do it in the best way possible. We filmed a lot in Budapest, but we were also in Paris, London and Spain. It was a lot of fun creating a project like this. I think it was necessary to give a lot of film in this space that takes place in these complex, limited places in the train. As people will see that when they watch the movie, we will end up in Spain and from there we get a hint of the possible outcome. I really enjoyed playing Tom Buckingham, and hopefully we’ll get out of there again.

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Army-inspired exercise that prepares Sam Hagen for SAS: Red Notes

Warm circuit

Instructions: Complete three rounds of this three exercise circuit, rest 45 seconds between rounds. Then move on to the power section.

  • Air motor: 15 calories
  • Pushups (hands on dumbbell handle): 20 reps
  • Beer crawl x 20 m

Exercise strength

InstructionsComplete specific sets and reps for dumbbells presses with different weights, take 60 seconds rest between seats, go to the next circuit.

1. Dumbbell bench press (heavy weight) – 2 x 8 reps: Sit on the front end of the flat bench with a set of heavy dumbbells in each hand on your knees. Lie on the bench and position dumbbells so that the palms face each other. Kick your knees to swing the dumbbells, shoulder width apart and arms outstretched. Keep your feet on the bench so you don’t put your back. Rotate the wrists forward so that the palms are away from you, then apply the lower dumbbells to the chest. Inhale, then press the dumbbells, lock your arms at the top and squeeze your breasts.

2. Dumbbell bench press (light weight) – 3 x 25 reps

Circuit A

Instructions: Complete three rounds of the circuit in these three movements, rest for 45 seconds between rounds, then move on to the next circuit.

1. Chenops x 10 representatives: Put yourself under the pull-up bar. Hold it with a strong grip, keeping the hands slightly apart shoulder width apart. Bend the knees and cross ankles Keep your core attached and straight, stretch your weight until your chin reaches the height of the bar, and look at it. Pause briefly, then slowly return to starting position with gentle bends in the arms to maintain tension.

2. Banded Bridge-Apard X20 Representative: Hold the ends of the resistance band in both hands. Standing for a long time, bring the band to chest height with your arms in front of you. Spread your arms around you, which will increase the tension in the band. Continue until your chest, arms are wide. Pause briefly, then slowly return to starting position.

3. Plate-pinched farmers carry 20 meters of carry. Choose a pair of plates with challenging but weighty weights. Hold each one using only your fingers. When you cover a certain distance, keep your back straight, engaged in the cover, and your shoulders down and back.

Circuit B

InstructionsComplete three rounds of this two exercise circuit, resting 45 seconds between rounds.

1. Power Cleans (110 lbs) x 10 reps: Stand just behind the weight barbell, except for the hip width of the legs. Bending below the knees and grabbing the hips, hold down and hold the bar, hands are just beyond shoulder width. Dig your heels into the ground, attach your toes, and maintain a flattened waist while losing weight. Once you hit the deadlift position, instead of hitting the lockout, bend your knees and spread them to your hips. Remove the bar with full force to keep your body moving, then extend your elbow under the bar. , Until it has a natural grip on the front of your shoulders. Stand all the way back straight. Safely lower the bar.

2. Ladder spirit x 200 meters: Find either a large outdoor ladder or a ladder machine and run a certain distance. Be aware of your form, keep your knees high to make the most of cardio. If available, use a weighted vest to make the sprint more challenging.

SAS: Red Notice Now available Red box. Also check out the MyPeakChallenge, a fitness event Hagen teamed up with trainer John Welbenosi to raise money for a number of charities.

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