Warming Gingerbread Body Scrub (DIY Recipe)

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Who doesn’t love the smell of baking hot gingerbread cookies in the oven? Well now you can get the same soothing scent in this gingerbread body scrub. It’s versatile, great for the skin, and smells amazing!

Hint: Make a homemade DIY Christmas Gift for Thoughts! They can be wrapped in cute jars with ribbons or tags that contain ingredients or notes. A large jar of sugar cleaning is cheap enough to make and a small jar makes a huge stock stirrer.

Exfoliate with Gingerbread Body Scrub

We lose an astonishing 30,000-40,000 skin cells every hour, or a day. The use of sugar scrub is helpful in the process for healthy skin.

Sugar helps to exfoliate the skin, revealing a healthy, smooth layer underneath. There are many variations, but a basic version of sugar contains oil and sugar. This gingerbread body cleanse not only removes any objectionable ingredients, but also contains skin food to bring a healthy glow.

Superfood glasses

Most gingerbread sugar scrubs rely on brown sugar to speed up their texture and flavor. Brown sugar is basically a refined sugar that contains some gum back. This recipe, however, uses organic sugarcane sugar and jaggery separately.

If you are in a hurry and do not have a black stripe globe, regular organic will also work.

Ginger: The spice of life

In this recipe, it is used along with cinnamon and ginger to give the aroma of this gingerbread. Both of these herbs are rheumatic, which is an imaginary word that means they speed up the circulation in the skin. An article in 2018 Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine, News about the antioxidant power of cinnamon.

Researchers point out that spices like cinnamon are antioxidants. These antioxidants warm the body as well as fight off damage independently.

More circulation means more vital nutrients are provided to the blood cells. According to a 2016 article, cinnamon and ginger may have a special anti-cancer effect Nutrition, Spices for prevention and treatment and cancer.


This recipe contains no animal ingredients so it is already vegan. If you make it for someone who is tough though, then make sure to use vegan cane sugar. Some sugars turn white from animal bones. Most organic sugarcane sugars are vegetarian.

Tip for making a great DIY sugar scrub

Organic uncertified sugar is less harmful than highly processed sugar. However, many undigested sugars are thick and can be very hard, especially on the face. Since we are not eating it, this is one of the days that has better sugar.

You may want to look for the best organic sugar cane sugar, such as steamed cane juice. Even then, I do not recommend using this Gingerbread Body Scrub on the face. Cinnamon and ginger can be very irritating on more delicate skin.

DIY Ginger Sugar


Gingerbread body scrub

This recipe is enough for an 8 ounce jar. Double or triple if you want gifts.


Use a mixer to make a whipped gingerbread body scrub and combine sugar and coconut oil. Whip until fluffy and then add the rest of the ingredients.

Other DIY body scrubs to try

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Have you ever cleaned your body with the ingredients in your kitchen? What is your favorite

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