We Set a Lego Walking Guinness World Record!

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In our family, we have a motto that “We were prepared to work hard,” (learned from the Wonderling Family from my friends) and always enjoy thinking of new challenges and adventures to do together. Comes. The goal has been to encourage math problems (and everything in between) through personal and family challenges, from long hikes to rock jumping and pole vaulting.

This morning, the slogan set a new challenge عالمی a world record!

Why a Lego ® Walking World Record?

One of my goals for this year was to set a world record, and knowing the importance of the community, I knew I wanted to try it with other mothers as well.

This has been a difficult year for many families, especially moms, so I wanted to think of some fun and funny things I could do as a team with some of the women in my community. As a mom, I realized we’ve been training to set a Lego Walking World Record for years without even knowing it! How many of us have experienced a Lego Monday when walking around a room in the middle of the night to get a sharp baby or, or running home while answering the door or checking the oven?

We have experience, and we have legs!

Among our team of five mothers, we have 19 children as well as 200 pounds of LEGOs. We’ve been pregnant for over 14 years (760 weeks)… How hard can it be to walk a few minutes LEGO®? Turns out; very strict!

Preparing for a world record attempt

Maybe go for more world records than you think! We began preparations in February and coordinated with Guinness World Records EC to ensure the event counts. Combining travel restrictions and the final effort further complicated the situation. All in all, here is the preparation that took us to prepare.

  • 8 month plan
  • 5 relays in the team (and 5 supporting husbands)
  • 3 Independent witnesses
  • 2 2 Medical professionals for foot verification
  • An official flat level on the local track facility
  • 10 meter track made of plywood and 2x4s (with approximately two feet turneround space on both sides)
  • My dad is helping build the track
  • 200+ pounds of Lagos
  • Direct and official endorsement with Guinness World Records staff in several countries
  • 19 Best Cheerleaders and Pit Staff to Throw Leagues in which we (our kids) can ask
  • Some wonderful friends are making us happy
  • An inspiring, stimulating 80’s music playlist
  • Meals for each: 2 great breakfast casseroles, a coffee cake, 48 muffins, 42 cups coffee, 9 pizzas
  • A little blood (from our feet), a lot of sweat, and (surprisingly) no tears!
  • A minor hurricane (which did not hit us directly)

I can’t be more grateful and proud to be friends with these wonderful women: Ashley, Savannah, Grace and Kate. Not only did he get up to walk with me on the LEGOs® over the weekend, but he walked faster and faster than I expected. I have always said that mother is the most powerful force on this planet, and she proved it this morning.

Official world record attempt

To try this morning, we all gathered about 90 minutes before the start time. We made the track last night and he was ready to go. To verify the track, we hired a professional surveyor to officially measure and report. Shortly afterwards, a local doctor and an EMT examined our legs to make sure they weren’t hidden or injured in anything (yet!).

We had three witnesses, Alex, Michael, and Zachary (all coaches or former athletes), read six pages of government law and prepared with notebooks, clipboards, stop watches and counters. There was a witness on each side of our 10 meter track and one in the middle. Witnesses counted each lap and announced how long we had been walking. We had to cover at least 1 km to qualify for the record.

Our official effort began after 9 a.m. and started strong at about 12 seconds per lap. Each of us walked about 12 minutes and we needed to reduce at least 20 laps per person. We did it halfway through and officially crossed at least the third stage of the relay!

When the stopwatch finally sat at the hour mark, we covered 328 laps! Our goal was to walk at least 1 km and we walked 3 km (more than 2 miles). Our kids served as “pit crews” and threw LEGOs back on track and flew away if they were walking.

If you were surprised

Yes, it hurts!

By the end of the morning we all had bloody legs and we didn’t want to walk all day. The first few leaps aren’t too bad and in some ways it was easier to step on the wandering LEGOs on than the unforeseen events in our daily lives. After the first 100 meters or so, the feet become really rough and walking becomes harder. Within 10 minutes, we all began to question why we decided to do this in the first place!

Our World Record Results

The Guinness World Records team was really good to work with and there was an official adjuster to confirm our efforts. After hours of waiting for pins and needles (or well LEGOs®), we got the official word that we had set a new world record!

We now have the official Guinness World Record EC title for a barefoot relay ride on Lego bricks. And now our feet are shining!

What do you think Will you ever volunteer for LEGOs?

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