Why Every Runner Should Master Split-Stance Box Jumps


Too many plyometric Tricks, box jumps are a favorite. They develop explosive strength, cardio ability and balance. Runners can benefit even more with the help of other boxes.

“The split stance box jumped out of the search for sprinting mechanics,” says Ashton Roberts, founder of AR Performance Training in Pasadena, CSA. They rebuild and separate the push-off and landing during the run, giving you a better understanding of how your legs track throughout the entire movement. At the top of it, it’s a solid move. The jump depends on the glutes and hips, and the landing is all quads.

Before using the boxes, practice walking on the floor. The squat, then torn, descends into a split position. Next, add a 6-inch box in front of you, the front foot slips, the back foot on the floor. Finally, try the version seen here. Set 2 boxes, 20 inches and 12 inches, 2 feet apart. Stand between them. Squat, then burst into open spaces, in a split position in the box, one foot on each box. Most of your weight is on the front foot, the heel, while the back foot works to balance you. Try for 2 or 3 sets of 6 to 10 jumps on each side.

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